MDU Services Overview

At Xiber, we have pride in ourselves as experts in multi tenant properties and communities. With over 20 years of experience as a shared tenant service provider, we bring a wealth of knowledge and competencies that can help make your project more successful.

As partners during new construction projects, Xiber can provide insight and detailed planning assistance to keep your property on the cutting edge of communications capabilities while remaining within typical low voltage installation budgets.

For retrofit projects, Xiber understands and is proficient at numerous access technologies that can help elevate your older property to current communications standards.


Services Available with Xiber

  • Fiber and fiber-like Internet connectivity to the property
  • Gigabit networking to the tenant space
  • High-speed 802.11ac Wifi and gigabit router in the tenant space
  • HDTV Service with modern DVR and multiple set top box capabilities
  • Xiber Home App provides integration with access controls, home automation and security cameras
  • Publicly accessible Wifi in community spaces
  • Complimentary Internet Service for management office
  • Complimentary Cell Repeater System 
  • Complimentary Over the Air Antenna System


Retail and Bulk Service

Xiber will work with the property owner to provide service to the property in either a bulk service arrangement or a retail model with rev share.

In a bulk service agreement, the owner receives and pays for service for all units on the property at a highly discounted rate. They can then turn around and resell these services to their tenants at substantial margin while marketing high level amenities to their prospective tenants. This is a desirable model if the property owner is confident in high occupancy and can make a larger sum over the life of the term.

In a retail model with rev share, Xiber will market and sell to the tenants directly and provide a cut of the revenue generated by the property back to the property owner. This is a desirable model if the occupancy could be variable and the property owner wants to minimize risk.


Xiber Home App Features Overview

Offer Luxury Smart Building Amenities to your residential or commercial tenants. Our game-changing app allows your tenants to access the modern features provided by Xiber in your building.


Access Control 

  • Control common doors like front entry, mail room from phone
  • Garage or elevator access
  • Maintenance staff can gain access to units for work
  • Use new or existing lock hardware
  • Tenant can provide guest access easily


  • Tenant can view common area cameras from phone
  • Access to unlock associated door from same screen
  • Great to check if common use areas are occupied


Home Automation

  • Thermostat controls
  • Light and electrical switch controls

Tenant Communication

  • Bulletin board for all tenants
  • Notices pushed from property manager
  • Private 2-way messaging between PM and tenant



  • Tenants can pay rent through our app
  • Onboarding information received from PMS
  • Compatible with major rental CRMs
  • Integrates with legacy systems

TV Services

Xiber is a PCO partner with DISH, the best value, best customer service and best technology in TV today. 


SMARTBOX saves you space and money, while providing a single TV solution for your entire property.

  • Dramatic cost-savings on installation and maintenance over traditional platforms.
  • Takes up 93% less space.
  • Uses 90% less power for low operation cost.
  • Reduces downtime with simplistic design and virtual monitoring and maintenance.


The Hopper has a built-in app for watching your favorite Netflix shows, a handy remote locator for the next time it goes missing between couch cushions, and a hard drive that lets you record up to 500 hours of HD programming. Plus, PrimeTime Anytime and AutoHop let you automatically record primetime shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, then instantly skip commercials when you play them back.

Take your TV anywhere

DISH Anywhere gives you live sports, weather, news, and more – all your favorite channels anywhere you go! Watch online at or on your mobile device with the free app for iOS, Android or Kindle Fire HDX.