Business Internet and Networking

Businesses use Xiber's network in 18 States to gain access to high-performance, cost-affordable telecommunications and network services.



Xiber uses a variety of transport and access technologies to deliver on our customers' capacity and uptime requirements, in construction intervals and monthly costs that make business sense.



Uptime, latency, and packet loss are measurements we take seriously. Talk to us about how we can provide your business with excellent access to cloud-based apps and other latency sensitive applications.


Flat and Fair

Xiber prides itself on supporting a non-hierarchical, flat internet and is committed to net neutrality. We also continue to protect our customers' right to privacy and to use the Internet how and when they want without risk of upcharges.

Business Voice Overview

Xiber can support your business with voice services in large or small environments.

Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice is a great option for businesses that want all of the modern features of a high-level IP-PBX without paying for one. 


sIP Trunks

Some businesses have already made the jump to IP-PBX on premise which can use SIP trunks to connect to the PSTN. Talk to us about how we can support your voice infrastructure with SIP trunks as your primary connectivity or standby to protect your traditional trunks.

Traditional Trunks

Xiber uses ADTRAN TA900 Integrated Access Devices to convert SIP trunks into traditional TDM-based trunks that can be used by legacy PBX and phone systems. 


Business Wi-Fi Overview

Wi-Fi access in the business environment plays a crucial and sophisticated role. 


Office Wide / Multi Site

Xiber provides cloud-controlled access points throughout your business environment so that your users can login and stay logged in to the network no matter where they are or even if they are on the move. 

Xiber can perform RF studies for your challenging environment and will stand behind a design that can provide network access at all corners.


Outdoor Access

Using our competencies in Outside Plant design and construction, Xiber can build an outdoor Wifi network that can support your event, construction site, campus or any other environment that requires access points to be installed outdoors.

In addition, Xiber can provide the backhaul from the access point using point-to-point radio systems in either the licensed or unlicensed space. 


Public Access

Xiber has a substantial history in building Wi-Fi networks in public areas. Cities and municipalities work with us to build out networks for public access where LTE coverage may be limited or unavailable.